Tsige-Roman’s Dream

Ziggy_2005_247The Gobezie-Goshu Home in Ethiopia is a ministry to help the abandoned and destitute elderly, the disabled, and the young children of Adwa, Ethiopia.  GGHE is a faith-based 501(c)3 nonprofit founded by Tsige-Roman Gobezie and based in Santa Maria, California, USA and Adwa, Tigray, Ethiopia.

What began as one woman’s dream to be able to feed and provide shelter for a few destitute elderly in 2003, has now grown into a ministry that provides for nearly 200 formerly destitute, homeless and/or disabled residents.  In 2005 the main residence was completed and is able to house up to 60 adults on-site; however, most are served where they choose to live.

A preschool was started to serve about 20 young children (ages 4-6) from the town of Adwa and has now grown to over 1,000 children and 12 schools in an attempt to provide a private pre-K to 1st grade education for them to help prepare for their traditional, government-provided schooling (which begins at age 7).  Not only are young children given educational head starts, but teachers and principals are also given guidance and training to better serve the children.

The ministry continues to grow each year.  The original vision was to create a self-sustaining community that provides food, shelter and basic necessities, however, while the project is growing food for their use and to sell to help offset costs, generous gifts of kindness are what truly support this humble humanitarian effort.  Unlike many charitable organizations, the Home has no administrative costs deducted from contributions; this means that 100% of all donations go to helping the people GGHE serves.  All of the people working on the U.S. side of things are non-paid, non-reimbursed volunteers who do this out of love.